Celebrating Easter In NYC

Celebrating Easter In NYC

When it comes to traveling right around Easter time – which is right around the corner mind you – NYC is by far the best place to travel. Not only is there a ton of different things to do but I can promise you that New York City is a magical place right around Easter time and it is certainly different and unique.

One thing that you are not going to want to miss whenever you are in New York City right around Easter time is the annual Easter parade. This is actually the centerpiece of the entire celebration in New York and it is awesome.

It is right on Fifth Avenue and is from ten in the morning all the way until four in the afternoon.

After you have seen the annual Easter Parade, the next step that you should be doing whenever you are in New York City and you are looking to go traveling is have Easter dinner at the Tavern on Green. Easter dinner is a traditional holiday and no New York restaurant is a better choice than the Tavern.

They serve up everything from ham to turkey and yes, all of the fixings are included! The historic tavern is breathtakingly beautiful, totally chic and is one of the hippest places in the world – especially right around Easter time!

Now that we have touched a little bit on a few of the finer points of New York City for Easter, let’s go ahead and move onto Central Park because that is where all of the fun Casino Online happens. If you have kids, you definitely want to make sure to take them on over to the Easter egg hunt there.

However, you want to make sure that you are on the look out for little ones running around everywhere because I can tell you, that there are a ton of different kids running everywhere.

Now that you know where to take your kid’s, where are you going to buy their chocolate? Well, La Maison du Chocolate is where you should buy their chocolate! This place has the best chocolate – hands down!