Travel Tips for Your Morocco Holiday
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Travel Tips for Your Morocco Holiday

The people in Morocco are very hospitable to travelers and they will do everything so they can show you their country and culture. Here are some tips to make your Morocco travel smoother:

  • Go when it is spring in Morocco since the summer or the winter can very brutal. A visit during the Ramadan may also be very interesting but the cafes and restaurants are closed during the mornings.
  • Learn some Arabic words and you will see how far a few phrases can take you. One basic phrase is es salaam alaykum or peace be with you.
  • Rent a riad or a traditional house in Morocco.
  • Tipping is important in the Moroccan culture so it will be very convenient if you bring some change in your pocket. A tip of around 5% thru 10% when you dine in a restaurant is appropriate. You also need to tip taxi drivers, tour guides, or locals who help you find your way.
  • Make sure you hire a tourist guide accredited by their tourism department since faux guides are illegal.
  • Hire a grand taxi to help you go around but remember that these taxis wait until every seat is take before they set off. If you are a woman and traveling alone, you may want to occupy the front seat and pay for two spaces.
  • Be ready to bargain and you will see that you can get a better deal when you decline the first offer.
  • Some locals will invite you to have some mint tea and this is their way to show their hospitality. It is also impolite to refuse the offer.
  • If you are a female traveler exploring Morocco alone try to ignore any unwanted attention and avoid eye contact. If you feel threatened, try to push back and say you will call the police and this proves to be a very effective technique.