Top Ramen Shops in Tokyo You Shouldn’t Miss

Top Ramen Shops in Tokyo You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are the kind of traveler who must try the best of local dishes, then if you are in Tokyo, a bowl of ramen is a must. There are hundreds of ramen shops around the city. Most of them are very good but if you want the best, head to one of the Tokyo ramen shops below:


You can find this popular ramen shop in the Shindaita district of Tokyo. This will be the perfect place for food travelers looking for the best tonkotsu soup. The chef has made it so creamy by letting pork bones boil and simmer for hours. He has also collaborated with other chefs so diners can experience and fine pleasure in some intriguing options on the menu.

The best seller here is their curry ramen. The chef is also very generous sharing his stories and adventures in his journey to become a chef MasterCasino88.


Try Tokyo’s traditional dishes given a slight modern twist at Kururi. Of course, you top priority for going here is their miso ramen, deemed to be the best in the city. The other favorites have also won awards and praises for the chef’s fresh interpretations. He uses different miso pastes prepared using the best vegetables. Be very patient when you go to this place, you might have to wait for almost an hour to get a seat.


Skip the other ramen shops in Tokyo but do not miss Harukiya in Ogikubo. They serve the best ramen with dried sardines, dried fish, bonito flakes, and shoyu soup. The recipe to this great dish has been guarded for the last hundred years.

The shop is quite small and can only serve eight people at a time. The ambiance is also perfect to enjoy wonton ramen, Chinese soba, and pork wonton barbecue ramen.