How to Avoid Frizzing of Wavy Hair

How to Avoid Frizzing of Wavy Hair

Frizzing is a common occurrence in wavy hair. Wavy hair becomes frizzy, making it look out of place and making it look the opposite of neat. To avoid frizziness especially in summer or deep winters, when hair tends to experience frizziness at the maximum, there are products, home remedies and many a way to avoid and bid goodbye to frizzy hair!

Products like the keratin complex help in avoiding frizziness of wavy hair. There are frizz-control products for wavy hair like shampoos for frizzy hair, or conditioners and lotions, leave-in conditioners, hair masks and serums that are made for the sole purpose of removing frizz from hair. These products really help to remove any element of frizz from a person’s hair.

There are home remedies to smoothen hair, so that frizz is avoided on any hair type. Oiling hair at times helps in circulation of blood and softening of hair. Washing hair with apple cider helps in condition your hair to the extent of making it not frizzy and really soft. Few tips to be remembered to avoid frizzing of wavy hair are that blow-drying too close to the hair should be avoided as far as possible. Only blow-dry when there is an occasion or need to do so. And try to keep the blower away from touching your hair (the mouth of the blow dry machine should be kept at little distance). This helps in avoiding frizz in wavy hair. Do not wash your hair every day. This robs the essential moisture from your hair and this eventually leads to frizzy hair.

Try to not overuse any product. Removing the product from your hair takes more time and shampoo, in the process, it removes the oil content from hair making your existing wavy hair dry or then, defiantly frizzy! To make wavy hair look settled and nice, use salon-tested and tried products only. Do the hair spa treatment of L’Oreal; it is a good one for hair.

Do not over-use oil or in different words, do not apply oil very regularly. To wash off the oil, one washes their hair more number of times or uses more chemical-induced shampoo and this does not help hair in the long run. Then again, it is a fact to remember that the old-wives tale keeps to the fact that oiling hair and braising it is good for hair; so that debate is one to contemplate on!