Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

Thick hair is always an asset and sometimes they can be unmanageable. Conditioners are necessary to effectively remove the knots and hence regular shampooing the hair is necessary. Dandruff can be a big problem in case your skin is dry and combating the problem at the earliest is important. Most things about hair health is lack of interest in hair care of using unguided hair products.

If you have thick and wavy hair then medium length wavy hair cuts will suit you the best. Go for a soft perm or a heavy perm will further enhance the volume. Go for parting the hair in the middle to give a different look and balance the face with long earrings. Perms go on all face types but coloured hair and perming is surely and experts opinion. Loud colours on permed hair can make the style look out of place and hence choose safe colours. In case you have a special party then one can definitely try out streaking temporary colours.

Thick wavy hair of the long variety going up to the waist can be simple left loose. This kind of hair gets dry easily and hence while traveling it would be best to use a scarf or tie the hair with the scrunchie so as to minimize the knots. Combing through the roots is essential. Harsh strokes on thick wavy hair will result in split ends and damage the hair.

One could braid the hair in three partitions or use a five partitioned braiding starting from the crown.

Many times it becomes necessary to cut the hair inorder to give it a shape. If the hair is manageable then it usually falls into the hair cut shape very soon. But styling mousse is a great relief and applying this in a random style will also help you with the desired look. The hair is often untamed and not pliable. Togel 88 is also a good idea to let the hair be, for a day occasion you could just wash and condition the hair and leave it loose. Hair styles in wavy hair are many and they change as per the fashion trends.

Use a little gel and tie a loose bun or a top knot to beat the heat. Thick hair certainly has a lot of weight and hence trimming the same is a good idea. Wavy and thick hair is a women’s best friend and there are so many simple day styles like wearing a pin with a side parting. Gelled hair with middle parting is a favourite celebrity style and can be worn with a knot at nape. As hair is naturally wavy all one needs to do is incorporate a new style each time.

Pony tails are good enough too. Short thick bob wavy hair with wiry look is great. Medium lengths are easier to mange and Long thick wavy hair is the ultimate combination.