Layered Long Hair Wavy Cuts

Layered Long Hair Wavy Cuts

Hair quality can be cultivated. In fact a little alteration and regime of diet and exercise is a stimulant for repairing tissues and also combat the side effects of medicines that many times result in bad skin and cause severe hair fall. One may initially ignore the heavy hair fall as one normally self medicates using a milder shampoo and many try to wash the hair in intervals. The sweat clogs in the hair follicles and thus further resulting in bad hair hygiene. This effects the growth of hair and hence it is necessary to visit a doctor who can suggest combination of hair remedies that can stop the hair fall.

Baby hair is fine and also falls off. Hair grows to about one cm each month and if you wish to grow your hair trims are absolutely necessary. In a fear to shorten the length and not cut hair you are encouraging the growth of split ends and damaged hair treatments are lengthy and tiresome. Include a high protein diet which is useful for slimming but crash diets are bad for skin and hair. Eating a balanced diet is recommended at all times.

In case you wish to embark on a dieting spree then make sure there are no other stress factors connected to it. Include sprouts of different varieties and switch over to soy milk. Tofu is excellent to be had as a snack too. Use some potato juice to apply on the hair and rinse of with lots of water. This is the easiest way for shiny hair. The best cuts for thick wavy hair are simply in layers. Layers are easy to maintain but the only requirement is that one should wash hair with a good conditioner. If the quality of your hair is coarse then one should use conditioners and hair packs so as to aid the natural luster.

Invest in a good quality hair brush or a wide toothed comb is the best hair care method. Layers can be long, going from side fringes with middle parting that accentuate the eyes. The only result is that hair keeps falling on the face and it takes a little time to get habituated. Bangs are in and one can maintain long layers with a side swept bang. Layers can be short to the shoulders and later just about two layers for waist length hair.

Layers are very feminine and do a lot to increase the volume. If the hair is too thick and the face on the thinner side then it is necessary to decrease the volume. Long wavy hair is also good for the razor cut or the scissor cut is a better solution. Colouring looks great on layered long hair wavy hair. The beauty about wavy hair is that it is all time in fashion. One could always go in for a temporary iron to straighten the same for a one time occasion. But with long wavy hair and a perfect layered cut you could be the envy of many.